Hmmology – episode 14: Bugasplaining

mail order feline

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Buga explained:

‘Ok, so let’s say, everything goes back to normal, the heroes resume their heroics. There will still be so many other people whose problems aren’t going to be solved by simply saving the world.’ Continue reading “Hmmology – episode 14: Bugasplaining”


Hmmology – episode 13: The importance of being important…er

seagulls are bastards

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Now, Bifidus is on the tiny side, as the natural world goes. And it’s quite difficult for small animals to choose a human form that’s sturdy enough to resist the onslaught of their temper tantrums. If you add to that the sound of your inner clock ominously ticking away, you get a sense of the barely contained explosion that is Bifidus. Continue reading “Hmmology – episode 13: The importance of being important…er”

Hmmology – episode 12: Sartorial angst

Police hosiery

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Ah, the job center! The place where you need to tread through only ankle-deep hope. A place normally reserved for those unfortunate souls who thought majoring in Humanities would be a good idea. Now, chock full of former super heroes who’ve suddenly discovered that they’ve always had a passion for gardening or carpentry or some such. Continue reading “Hmmology – episode 12: Sartorial angst”

Hmmology – episode 11: Nibbles

Mr and Ms Sheeple

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‘OK, so let’s say we kind of have an ally now. How do we get the ball rollin’?’ Bifidus asked, snatching some cat treats from me. Oh, and by the way, if you were wondering why we – a hamster and a dog… a hamster and a man – were snacking on cat nibbles, know this: cat treats are the animal world’s cocaine. Continue reading “Hmmology – episode 11: Nibbles”