Hmmology – episode 14: Bugasplaining

To get the full story, start with EPISODE 1

Buga explained:

‘Ok, so let’s say, everything goes back to normal, the heroes resume their heroics. There will still be so many other people whose problems aren’t going to be solved by simply saving the world.’

‘Well, no,’ I said ‘but you can’t expect a handful of men and women to handle all your problems. Their efforts just sort of give all of us some respite to pull ourselves together and try to tackle some other fragment of the never-ending puzzle of troubles.’

mail order feline
Source: mitsy mcgoo

‘So then, my friend, remind me why this particular problem is so obviously high priority? As far as I can tell, this isn’t some epic last minute feat. We’re just trying to save those who allegedly save the day from potentially embarrassing situations, which – by the way – are mostly self-inflicted, If you ask me. That’s all this is.’

Bifidus motioned for us to go outside. Right about time, I thought, some cat nibbles would be just the thing. Instead, I was shocked to find her light up a cigar. Now, as all of you humans know… I mean, as we all know it, smocking is not exactly good for you, but it is positively verboten for hamsters, unless they are particularly suicidal or star in a noir movie as soon-to-be-much-regretted-icons. So I knew something major was going through my miniature friend’s mind as he lit one up. I was just hoping it wasn’t a runaway train. I had a suspicion it might be thinking, but it might just as well be him getting some idea into his surprisingly thick skull.

Source: bill lapp

‘You know what? Maybe she’s right’, he said, puffing out a number of number nine clouds.

‘Right in what way?’

‘All this superheroes saving the day stuff not being all that important. Maybe that’s just what the Man wants us to think. Just think about it for a second…’

Oh, boy!

‘… even if we succeed, we’d never be more than some glorified side-kicks who helped the big guns with what – in retrospect – will be regarded as a rather small favor.’

whirlwind kick
Source: John Ragai

‘So, what you’re saying is that we should just forget about it?’, I drew the logical conclusion. A prospect I really didn’t mind all that much since I was beginning to see the wisdom of Zeus’ (the original Zeus’, Zeus the pooch) career choice. Actually, I was wondering where the damned dog was and what he was he doing in my body. Did anyone notice I wasn’t there anymore? What manner of embarrassment would he bring into my life as a member of civilized society? Would he quiver with excitement at the sight of a new lamp post? Would he finally put his foot down and ask for that raise? Would he =buy that gift for Mimi and find a way to deliver it to her flat in a non-stalkerish way? Would he live up to our name in a way I never could? Was he more popular than I ever was? Oh my God! Buga was right! Fuck saving the world, what about me?


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