Why I’m not pulling a Lebowitz just yet…

I thought it might be a good idea to revisit the blog with a brief ‘I’m still here!’ message and some evening musings.

Now, as I said in a post from a few months ago, I haven’t gone anywhere, it’s just that life sometimes catches up with you and some things fade into the background. Or, you know, possibly, you get lazy or don’t find enough motivation to keep a steady writing schedule. I mean, who knows, it could be anything. Possibly a bit of everything in a delicious mix.

But, things are still rolling along, even if a tad slower. So, although this hiatus might slowly look like it could take on Fran Lebowitz-esque writer’s blockade proportions, trust me, I haven’t yet experienced the enviable bouts of success for that to happen, nor are my dear friends lacking in nagging-capacity.

writers blockade
Source: wikimedia.org

Nagging is most often a more important quality in a wannabe writer’s entourage than support. To all of those still bothering to nag me, I salute you (while also promising I’ll definitely be writing tonight that thing we agreed on and sticking to my writing schedule)!



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