Hmmology – episode 20: About Plots as a Stringent Necessity

say what?

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Perhaps I was being unfair and it was up to me to break this task into reasonably-sized morsels. It’s not that surprising after all that these poor fellows have a pathological fear of long-term plans. It stands to reason when you’re bound to push up the daisies in a couple of years.

Then again, it’s not like humans are that much better at making plans, even though we practically live for eons by hamster standards. Actually, from a rodent point of view, humanity is quite useless. All that lifespan and what have we to show for it? Continue reading “Hmmology – episode 20: About Plots as a Stringent Necessity”


Hmmology – episode 19: The World According to Hamsters

Marlene meh

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Back to my point.

For animals, the world was never really born as much as it was passed the baton by whatever long forgotten cock-up had preceded it. Which I personally find to be much more realistic.

Now, although there is unity in vision there is also room for diversity, because there are two schools of thought regarding how animals perceive this primordial state. One of them argues that there initially was a pile of steaming manure, while the other purports it was a forever-decaying carcass.

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Hmmology – episode 18: The Little Paws That Could

Douche pride

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‘Right, so’, Bifidus interjected ‘I got my life goal, whether you agree with it or not. What d’you got then?’

‘A name to live up to’, I said sulkily.

Perhaps this was the quest that would drag me out of the ridicule zone. Something noble and brave to make this four letter word that was my name pleasantly roll off of mammals’ tongues. Because yes, there is such a thing as fame in the animal kingdom. And if a dog can become famous for its acts of bravery and selflessness, then –  by Jove – so can I! Not exactly bulletproof logic there, but at the time it seemed very reasonable.

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